Ragnar's Saga

Poem of the Moment

I'm going to post a poem occassionally as another avenue for people to get acquainted with my work. These will be largely poems that have been published previously and I will give the due credit at the end of the piece. The reason for this is I am still submitting my unpublished work to various magazines or webzines and posting them here would be considered publication.

A comment on the subject matter of the selected poems: I write in different genres so I have horror poems, humorous ones and mainstream non-genre work. Because I know that not everyone is desirous to read about nasty creatures or the frequent usage of the word "bloody", "eviscerated" or "rheumy", I will put the genre in parentheses behind the title so if it says (horror) and you don't want to continue, you can move on and keep that lunch time burrito settled in your stomach.

Without further blathering from me, here is the Poem of the Moment:

Disjointed (mainstream)

Wasting time

waiting on a dream,

the porch steps

grow moss

under my feet.

The parade starts,

marching bands

of old friends

and worn out family


over my remains,

a last laugh

for the winner

of the pool.

$10 will get you a 100.

I raise a hand

in protest,

someone places

a balloon in it

and I join


the celebration.


Originally published in the Flashquake in 2011