Ragnar's Saga

Moonlight Glinting off the Blade

Moonlight Glinting Off the Blade” is a collection of 43 horror poems.  The theme running through the works is death, whether it be physical, mental or spiritual. The causes are human, animal and indeterminate creatures of land or sea, but their goal is all the same: to take what they believe belongs to them. Several of the poems make their point with dark humor. Others make it with lyrical descriptions of bluntly violent acts. The overall effect is meant to take you places you can only visit for a short time before you need to escape.

A few sample poems are below

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UPDATE: August 2011 -- Unfortunately Panic Press is going out of business in the next few weeks so Moonlight is not available for purchase at this time. When I get the rights to the book returned to me I will be looking for another publisher or possibly self-publishing the book. I will update again at that time. 

County Hospital, 4 a.m.


I can see the head push keep
pushing the shoulders are almost
out breathe breathe breathe one
more hard push yes there\
are the arms and the tiny fingers

with claws why are there claws no
don’t push something is wrong what
is that coming from the ribcage

tentacles dear God in heaven what
did you do . . . push I think
push it’s almost out where are
the legs there are no legs just
a tail it’s out and breathing

I’ll cut the umbilical
cord . . . it’s already detached
and it’s hissing


In Flames

Light me on fire
and watch my body burn.
I am the righteous oil
for your wandering soul,
for your blistering concupiscence,
for the last rites
of your ritual walk
to the grave
of your ancestors.
My flames
touch the sun,
fulminating arms
of a nuclear engine
built on your
bitter herbs.
Light me on fire,
vernal immolation,
I will burn for you
through the velvet night,
burn to ash
for you.

The Goode Wyfe


from a tree
by a chain
threaded through
the eye sockets
his favorite pet.
He used to let her go out on her own
but no more.
She always ended up with some stray
and the tree is getting full.