Ragnar's Saga

Edged in Blue

This is my chapbook of mainstream poetry which was published in 2004 by Foothills Publishing


Edged in Blue is #23 of Foothills Springfed Chapbook series and contains 13 poems.

Copies are still available for $6

Below are a few of the poems from the book.

Mask of Smiles

Pictures of perfection
centered on the wall
of an otherwise empty room.
The distance between them,
just enough
to capture the loneliness
and hold it tight
the way they used to hold each other.


She knew
but didn't tell.
She waited
and he came to her.

Now he wanted it,
to show his wife.
He wanted it
to heal.

And so it began,
all day every day, during lunch,
during dinner, through the night,
behind closed doors, in front of others,
in the elevator, in his office,
in his marital bed where the wife had done
her dirty business.
He covered her dirt with his
like a dog fighting for position,
howling at an indifferent moon.

Reading About the Rock Star's Relapse

Reading about the rock star's relapse
reminds me of her
and I wonder
how she is
while we all sit around
our tv's at night,
confident and proud
that we're ok.

I'll dream of her
again tonight probably,
and I hope it will be better
than the previous night
when I couldn't be forgiven
and woke up wondering
what was real.