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Screaming Poets and other Ramblings

Death Head Grin Anthology

This an ebook anthology containing horror stories and poems. Three of my poems are included: Thinning, If That's What Baby Wants and Mr. Crowley's Nephew.



100 Horrors

From Cruentus Libri press this anthology contains 100 stories by 100 different authors, all 100 words long. My story "Into the Darkness" is included.


Winter Chills

This is also from Static Movement. The anthology is filled with horror stories about the season of winter like my story "The White Ocean" where a freak circumstance has created a snow storm happening all over the world at the same time.

Poems from the Dark Side Volume 2

This is an anthology put out by Static Movement. This is all poetry, all horror, all the time. I have 7 of my poems included in this anthology.

Unholy Night: Christmas Fears 2

Another Static Movement anthology, this one is all horror stories with a Christmas theme. Santa Claus is watching you . . . My short short "Contra-Sanctum Rex" is included in this anthology.


Thirsty are the Damned

This is a vampire anthology published by Rainstorm Press. There are 22 stories in these pages and these are not the vampires of Twilight. These creatures have balls, and claws and fangs and they know how to use them. My story "Blood Family" is included.


What Fears Become

What Fears Become is an anthology of The Horror Zine, an online horror publication. This book was published by Imajin Books and edited by Horror Zine editor Jeani Rector. It contains a mixture of short stories, poems and art work that was originally published in The Horror Zine. There are some big name horror authors included here: Joe Landsdale, Ramsey Campbell, Graham Masterton, Elizabeth Massie to name a few. There are also a collection of lesser known writers making for a good mixture. I am one of the poets in the back section. Included in the book are my poems "The Rules of the Abyss", "Little Red the Hood" and "I Will Meet You".


Tales of a Woman Scorned

This anthology has been published by House of Horror in October 2010. It contains 16 stories of women who have been wronged and take their revenge. The editor, Sam Cox, writes "after reading this book you may never trust a woman again". I am fortunate to have my short story "Fairytale" included in this book. 

Lost Innocence

This anthology was released in September of 2008, a collection of short stories and poems from the 2007 and 2008 issues of Niteblade Fantasy and Horror Magazine. Edited by Rhonda Parrish, this is an excellent collection and I was happy to have my poem "Illuminating Hell" be included.

2008 Rhysling Anthology

The Rhysling Anthology collects the best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror poems of the previous
year. The poems are nominated by and voted on by members of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. My poem, "The Night Silent" ,was nominated by the editor of Niteblade, Rhonda Parrish, and was reprinted in the 2008 Rhysling Anthology.