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Welcome to the official web site of Christopher Hivner. This is Shameless Self Promotion Central for all of my writing endeavors. Now that you’ve stumbled onto this site you’re probably wondering 2 things. 1) Who am I and 2) Does my site have links to Ukrainian porn and cats that play various instruments. The answer to number 2 is “no”. The answer to number 1 is more involved.

I could tell you I’m a carp farmer or that I was a sky diving instructor for the Micronesian Marines during the Archipelago Wars, but all of that would be untrue, a falsehood, a fabrication, a deception, a forgery or fake. You could also describe it as storytelling which is what I do.

I am a writer from York Pennsylvania. I earned my first publishing credit in 1992 from Experiment in Words for a poem called St. John in a Light Dill(inger) Sauce.

The gun, the gun, the gun,
the gun, the gun, the gun.
It hasn't been fired since I bought it
and its getting pissed.
I mean I was robbed 6 times . . .
in a year!
Now I have THE GUN and no one even tries.
I get it out of the drawer
and spin the chamber,
pretending I'm John Dillinger.
It is not amused.
It speaks to me,
"You better shoot someone soon, or I'm outta here."
I sit back and lament.
Sorry, mom.

Not exactly Emily Dickinson or Charles Simic, but the title has some nice word play.

My styles are mostly horror and humor with a little mainstream thrown in to make things interesting. I have been fortunate enough to amass over 1000 published pieces, both poems and short stories.  The highlights are a chapbook of mainstream poetry, Edged in Blue, published by Foothills Publishing, a full length collection of short horror stories, The Spaces Between Your Screams, published by eTreasures Publishing, a book of horror poetry, Moonlight Glinting off the Blade, published by Panic Press, 4 chapbooks of mainstream poetry; The Silence Brushes My Cheek Like Glass published by Scars Publications, Adrift on the Cosmic Sea published by Kind of a Hurricane Press, The Corrosion published by Scars Publications, When Science Collapses published by Writing Knights Press, and a full length book of poems, In the Blood published by Cyberwit.net

If you click on the tab called The Spaces between Your Screams you can read excerpts from a few of the stories contained in the book and also find where to purchase a copy if you like what you read. 

The section called Anthologies lists links to anthologies you can purchase that I have been published in.

I've also started a blog on this site called The Story Behind the Story. I will be writing about the stories that are in The Spaces Between Your Screams: where the idea came from, how it was written, any odd things that happened while writing it or, as is the case with the first story in the book, many odd things that happened after it was written.

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There is a section on this site called Poem of the Moment where I will periodically post a previously published poem of mine as another way to introduce you to my work.

Razzle Dazzle is a section where I have links to some of my writing that can be found online. These include short stories and poems that have been published, some contests I placed in, book reviews and interviews.

Another section I've named Zineland. This is a listing of all the print and online zines and anthologies my writing has appeared in with pictures of some of the covers. Take a look and maybe you've read a few of them over the years.

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There is a tab here called Random Things where I plan to add entries like what book I'm currently reading, or music I'm listening to or a stray thought I had to get out of my head.

Welcome to Ragnar's Saga.